The President may grant an extension for a recertification application, provided the candidate has submitted a request in writing within 90 days of the candidate’s recertification date.

Late Fee

Requests received within 90 days after the candidate’s recertification date will incur a late fee of $100, which must be paid in addition to the application fee.


There are no refunds of fees.

If you miss the 90 day recertification date

No request for an extension will be granted beyond 90 days after the recertification date. After the 90 days, the NCSN credential will be revoked, and a candidate may only be reinstated by taking and passing the Certification Examination for School Nurses.

Extenuating Circumstances

Should an NCSN have extenuating circumstances that make it impossible to file the recertification application by the certification anniversary date, a request to the NBCSN President–Elect may be made in writing for an extension. If the extension is denied, the applicant can appeal the decision to the NBCSN President who shall review the request and make a decision. The decision of the President shall be final.