The NCSN Emeritus credential

The NCSN Emeritus Credential (NCSN-E) recognizes the service and commitment of retired NCSNs, as well as their achievement and maintenance of the NCSN credential prior to retirement.

If you are an NCSN, and you are retiring from professional nursing, you have the option to retain the credential in an emeritus capacity through the NCSN-Emeritus credential.

Requirements for the Credential

To be eligible for the Emeritus credential, you must currently hold the NCSN credential in good standing. The NCSN emeritus credential is not available if your NCSN credential has lapsed or is not active.

Applying for the NCSN-Emeritus Credential

Application for the Emeritus credential requires a one-time fee of $95. To apply for the Emeritus credential simply log onto your NCSN account and select the Emeritus option. Once your application and fee have been processed, your Emeritus credential certificate will be mailed to you within four to six weeks.

The Emeritus credential does not expire or need to be renewed.

School nurses with the NCSN-E designation shall not use the NCSN-E designation in any clinical setting or in the context of any clinically-related interaction, including clinical volunteer service.