General Information

The NCSN exam is constantly evolving. There are many items (also known as questions) that are currently active or that are waiting to become active on a test. There are also many items in development to keep up with new research, position statements, and school nurse resources. New exam forms are developed each year; there are three different forms each year. No two tests in any one year are exactly alike. New test items are written every year.

Exam items require knowledge of a wide breadth of school nursing topics so you may apply, analyze, and evaluate clinical scenarios presented on the test. Whenever you might hear advice to “definitely memorize the immunization schedule” or “no need to worry about immunization storage” please know this advice comes from a test takers personal experience and not knowledge of the active exam items. Remember that this is a national test and is geared to global, not local, standards.

Test development activities have to remain firewalled from any test preparation activities, individuals involved in test development cannot be involved in test preparation and vice versa in accordance with accreditation standards. Any sample questions that you may come across are representative of the type of questions that are on the exam, not specific questions from the exam.

Although there is no single study guide, the List of Resources included in the Handbook for Candidates may be helpful in preparing. Many of those resources are available on the NASN website and through the NASN bookstore.

Exam Prep Infographic

Candidate Handbook

To guide preparation efforts, please plan to review the test blueprint found in the candidate handbook.

Online Practice Exams – Now Available for Purchase

Test with confidence by preparing with the NCSN practice exams

  • NCSN Practice Exam 1 – $75
  • NCSN Practice Exam 2 – $75
  • NCSN Practice Exams 1 and 2 Bundle – $120

To purchase the practice exams, you will need to create an NBCSN account. The practice exams are available for purchase on the application page of your account.

About the NCSN Practice Exams

This test preparation product from NBCSN features two practice exams, each with 75 questions on current school nursing practice. Taken on a computer or tablet or your phone, the NCSN Practice Exams are designed to help nurses simulate the real test day experience. The practice questions cover all subject areas found on the NCSN exam.

The NCSN Online Practice Exams provide candidates an opportunity to experience an online exam that is similar in format and content to the real test, though shorter.  They may also assist candidates to monitor their progress as they prepare for the NCSN exam. None of the questions will be found on the actual NCSN exam. Other features include:

  • 75 questions covering all of the NCSN exam subject areas
  • Purchase of the practice exam entitles you to multiple exam attempts per purchase
  • Summary score displays the percentage of correct answers
  • Reflective feedback is provided with each answer

Please note: These two practice exams have only one version each and each contains only one set of 75 questions. Multiple purchases of these products will not provide different question sets/versions of this practice exam.

How to use the practice exams

Partially completed exams may be saved and completed at a later time by clicking the “save and finish later” option at the bottom of the exam screen.

If a user closes his/her browser without clicking the “save and finish later” option, the practice exam answers will not be saved. At the end of each attempt, users will have the opportunity to review the correct answer for each missed question.

This product can be used used on a laptop, computer, tablet or phone.

Please note: NBCSN encourages all candidates to use a variety of test preparation methods to build critical thinking and analytical skills, as opposed to rote memorization.  Of course, school nurse practice, when based on current best-practice guidelines and standards, should be the best study aid of all. Informal study groups may also be helpful.

Additional Resources

Successful candidates note that, in addition to reflecting on their own professional practices, they reviewed relevant books and web-based resources, including but not limited to:


During this global pandemic, NASN must pause distribution of publications and merchandise that require a shipment from the NASN office to the customer, which includes the School Nursing Certification Review book. All orders received through March 30, 2020 at 2PM Eastern have been filled and shipped.

Please note that the suggestions above are not exhaustive, and review will not guarantee success for every candidate. The NBCSN only publishes the revised certification review book (2020) and two practice tests. NBCSN does not endorse any specific study guide or program. No study materials can guarantee that you will pass the national NCSN exam.