NCSN of the Year Recognition Awards

NCSN of the Year Recognition Awards

The NCSN of the Year Award is presented at the NASN Annual Conference to honor an NCSN who has promoted certification as well as worked to enhance general competency in school nursing. The NCSN of the Year is selected from of a pool of nominees who have been nominated by their peers. 

The 2020 Awards was presented via a webinar held on July 28, 2020. A video of that session can be found below.

Eileen Moss, DNP, RN, PEL-CSN
NCSN of the Year 2020

Eileen Moss has been given the National Board for Certification of School Nurses (NBCSN) 2020 NCSN of the Year Award. This award is given each year to an outstanding NCSN in recognition of efforts to promote national school nurse certification at the national, state, or local level, and enhance competency and expertise among school nurse professionals.

NBCSN’s mission is to advance the health and learning of students and the wellness of the school community through a rigorous national certification process for school nurses. NBCSN’s vision is that a nationally certified school nurse will safeguard the health of every student so as to optimize learning and promote healthy communities.

Eileen has enthusiastically promoted the NCSN certification through her work in encouraging her students in her state school nurse certification courses to become nationally certified. Additionally, she is clearly a preeminent school nurse leader; Eileen received the 2019 IL School Nurse Administrator of the year award, she is a SAGE scholarly Writing Award 2020 recipient, is a NASN Scholarship Committee member, has multiple authorships, and much, much more. School nursing is richer to have her among our fold.

Thank you, Eileen for your ongoing support for national certification of school nurses and your dedication to healthy students and communities and NBCSN sends our dearest congratulations on this achievement.

The NCSN of the Year Award is presented to a nationally certified school nurse who is nominated by a peer or peers.

The NCSN of the Year Award recognizes a certified school nurse who has been influential in promoting certification and exceptional competency in the field. Any NCSN can be nominated. Do you know a deserving school nurse?