NCSN of the Year Recognition Awards

The NCSN of the Year Award is presented at the NASN Annual Conference, and it honors an NCSN who has promoted certification as well as worked to enhance general competency in school nursing.

The NCSN of the Year is selected from of a pool of nominees who have been nominated by their peers. If you know a Certified School Nurse who you think should be considered for the award, let us know and Nominate an NCSN now.

Robin Cogan

Personal and professional goals sometimes supersede financial gain or salary bumps. That is often my answer when colleagues ask me why I decided to sit for the NCSN exam. I am state certified through the New Jersey Department of Education, so it’s a reasonable question. Goals, personal, professional or a combination of both, were my deciding factor. Nurses LOVE credentials, our alphabet soup of accomplishments really means something. Simply stated, I wanted to be able to proudly write “NCSN” after my name.

Few of us like to take tests; it could be PTSD from nursing school and our boards. There seems to be extreme reactions around the NCSN testing experience, but I am here to share that it is not only doable, it is actually satisfying. Once the test ended, I felt a sense of accomplishment. I did not know the test results for some time, so it was not about instant gratification. My sense of accomplishment came from completing the test, feeling challenged, and satisfied that I did my best, regardless of the outcome.

I was private about my decision to sit for the test, and admittedly it was probably out of a sense of embarrassment in case I did not pass. Now, reflecting on the experience in its totality, I think I could have benefited from sharing my plans. I was relieved to see the results but felt especially proud that I reached an important goal. My new goal is to encourage School Nurses who are thinking about sitting for the test. You will find me popping up on NASNs SchoolNurseNet NBCSN National Certification Exam Candidates Community.