Join a Test Development Committee

NCSN Exam Form Review Committee

The purpose of the NCSN Exam Form Review meeting is to review the questions selected for each of the NCSN exam forms. Subject matter experts under the guidance an exam psychometrician evaluate the accuracy of answers, identify geographic bias, assure clarity of language, and appropriateness of the items being considered for inclusion on the NCSN exam. The committee review constitutes the final check on the format of the exam.
Travel Required: Yes. Overnight stay required.
Time Commitment: 1.5 days
Meeting Dates: TBD

NCSN Exam Item Writing Committee

The purpose of the NCSN Item Writing Committee is to develop test questions (items) according to test  plan specifications and to validate those items in standard texts appropriate for NCSN certification. Individuals selected for this committee will receive training and materials on how to write and reference valid and defensible questions.
Travel Required: None; web conference
Time commitment: 2-3 hours training, 2.5 weeks writing process
Meeting Dates: ​TBD

NCSN Item Review Committee

The purpose of the NCSN Item Review meeting is to review every question (item) used to make up the NCSN Exam. The goal is to make sure that the exam content remains current and accurate. Item reviewers also research and update references for test questions (items). Individuals selected for NCSN Item Review will receive training on how to review and reference test questions from an experienced psychometrician.
Travel Required: None, web conference
Time Commitment: 2-3 hours
Meeting Dates: TBD

NCSN Problem Item Analysis (PIA) Call Committee

The NCSN PIA Call Committee meets remotely for about 2 hours to review questions (items) that scored outside of the norm on the most recent NCSN exam. With the guidance of an experienced psychometrician, committee members analyze questions to determine if changes should be made in how the item is scored. The committee also determines if the item should be eliminated or requires further review.
Travel required: None; Web conference
Time Commitment: 2 hours.
Meeting Dates: TBD

Who Can Apply

Practicing school nurses who have achieved NCSN are eligible!

The Accreditation Board for Specialty Nursing Certification, Inc. (ABSNC) requires input from subject matter experts (SMEs) in the development of the NBCSN certification exam. SMEs with a variety of clinical practice skills and levels of experience, and who represent a diverse geographic and demographic background are needed to help NBCSN create an appropriate exam.

Practicing school nurses across the country who are NCSN provide exactly the expertise needed to assure a fair and representative exam. Your contributions as a volunteer for NBCSN help assure that certification represents a national standard of preparation, knowledge, and practice. We appreciate your willingness to contribute to the NCSN exam process.

Conflict of Interest

All NCSN test development volunteers must avoid conflicts of interest and may not profit personally from their affiliation with NBCSN, or favor the interests of themselves, relatives, friends, or other affiliated organizations over the interests of NBCSN. Should there be potential for a conflict of interest, an NCSN volunteer shall disclose such potential conflict and may be asked to either abstain from a discussion on the matter, or in some circumstances may not be appointed to a committee.

How to Apply
The application for 2019 – 2020 Volunteer Opportunities is coming soon.