NBCSN Liaisons

The Role of the State Liaison

The NBCSN State Liaison Program purpose is to promote the NBCSN Certification on the state level. Each state may be represented by one or two liaisons.

Role of the State Liaison
As a state liaison, you will play an important role of supporting NBCSN certification:

  1. Serves as a resource on certification
  2. Promotes certification
  3. Participates in state activities with the NBCSN information
  4. Serves as a Liaison between state and the NBCSN Board

Interested in becoming a NBCSN State Liaison?

Complete the Online Liaison Application.

Means of Promoting Certification

  • Submit articles to State Newsletter about the NBCSN
  • Have displays with the NBCSN information at state level meetings
  • Have a liaison seat on the State School Nurse Association Board
  • Develop state level activities to obtain exam questions and then submit them to the NBCSN
  • Formulate study groups for nurses that are going to sit for exam

Use the online Request for Materials Form to request any of the following for your state meeting:

  • Certification and Recertification Promotional Flyers
  • NCSN Certified Ribbons
  • NCSN Tabletop display