Heuristics Solutions, Inc.

Heuristics provided NBCSN with exceptional service under a very tight deadline, making a potentially difficult transition much smoother. This allowed NBCSN to concentrate on other aspects of the NBCSN mission. The Heuristic Solutions team had the NCSN examination and recertification applications up and running within several weeks and within budget.

2020 Janice Selekman For ongoing support of excellence and national certification through authorship of the NCSN review book and national review courses.
2019 Heuristics Solutions For providing exceptional service in the transition of NBCSN’s database.
2018 Cynthia Less For promoting overseas school nurses to seek school nurse certification.
2017 Gene S. Winter For pro bono legal expertise to NBCSN
2016 Virginia Department of Education, Office of Special Education & Student Services For their support through grants of 56 SNs taking the certification exam.
2015 North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services For its vision and leadership in requiring NCSN certification for NC school nurses within 3 yrs of employment.
2014 Rob and Sue Rogers of School Health Corporation For supporting national school nurse certification through the SHC Advantage Program.
2013 NASN For their ongoing support of NBCSN
2011 Sandi Delack, NASN.

Katherine Kany, AFT Healthcare
Juanita Hogan, AFT
Jeanne Sedgwick, AFT
Aurelia Barney, AFT
Pat Christie, AFT
Donna Rehm, AFT

Promoting of certification as President NASN.

For supporting NCSN by leading the fight for acknowledgement of NCSN certification as equivalent to National Teacher Certification