What type of continuing education credits are acceptable for re-certification?
Please visit the recertification page of the website to access all of the current information about acceptable continuing education credits.

What specific documentation do I need to provide for my NCSN recertification application?

Documentation for your current RN license, work history, and all continuing education hours will be required before you can submit your application for recertification.

All documentation must be uploaded to your account in a .pdf, .jpeg, .tif, or .png format.

RN License

You don’t need to submit documentation of your current license until you submit your application. This documentation must show that your license is current at the time of your recertification and show the expiration date.  If your state no longer provides paper copies of your license, you may show a screenshot of your state’s license verification page for your license.  If you have trouble uploading your documentation, please contact us at

Work History

You can submit work hours annually or when you are changing employers.  If you change employers, you will need documentation on their letterhead, which will be easier to get at the time.

Continuing Education Activities

NASN Membership cards should be uploaded annually.

You will find it much easier to upload documentation of your continuing education activities as you earn them rather than to try to do it all at once at the end of 5 years.

Documentation of your continuing education hours must include the name of the approved accreditation or certification body. Organizations such as hospitals, state nursing associations, etc., may work with approved/accredited providers to provide continuing education programs and should note the collaboration and the provider/accreditation name on certificates. Please see Recertification Procedures on our website for specific details about providers, activity types, and approved providers.

The candidate is responsible for maintaining active/current address and contact information with the NBCSN. Deadlines missed due to forwarded and lost email/mail are the candidate’s responsibility and may incur late fees or forfeited recertification status.