Saying a school nurse’s job is both challenging and rewarding is an understatement. School nurses provide care to students in schools each and every day without the technology and support of medical staff in the hospital without hesitation. With so many responsibilities, school nurses have to stay sharp. Maintaining your NCSN certification is a given, however when we are faced with times like now during a pandemic staying on top of your professional activities becomes stressful.

In order to decrease your stress during stressful times create opportunities which are intentional to help you document your success in real time. After attending those memorable conferences, classes, in-services, or CEU articles enter the information in your NBCSN profile. Taking an extra few minutes to upload your continuing education information and certificates in real time will decrease the stress of location and memory recall later when your recertification is needed. Also, another reminder to be mindful of any CEU greater than 20 units requires an agenda, syllabus, etc. to accompany your certificate to be accepted.

Congratulations to every NCSN on being focused on your professional development during this pandemic. Here’s to making sure you experience “no stress” as you document your hard work in your NBCSN profile in advance and not in a rush.