Hello NCSN Community,

During our virtual events over the last 18 months or perhaps during our face-to-face ceremonies and networking events of yesteryear, you may have heard board members talk about how the board has become more strategic and we were getting a lot done. Some may be thinking (including myself when joining the board!) “but what does this mean?” Well, to put it very honestly, we have abandoned meetings that could have been emails.

During our monthly meetings and biannual retreats, we have been finding more ways to make the most of our time together to develop initiatives, move programs forward, and meet the needs of our NCSN colleagues. Through guiding our work with a strategic plan as well as several small changes (such as moving committee reports to an expected “pre-read” instead of verbal sharing during group meeting time) we have totally transformed how we do business.

This month, we will start working with nursing professional development expert, pediatric nurse, and consultant Tiffany Gibson of New Nurse Academy. Tiffany will be visiting our fall meetings to hear about what the board is currently talking about and how we work as a group. She will then facilitate the formulation of our next strategic plan, that will take us through an undoubtedly productive next few years.

My email inbox is always open for questions or suggestions about NBCSN! As the board formulates our new strategy, if there is something you think we should offer or consider please do not hesitate to email.