2023 has been an exciting year for the outreach committee, as we met with a lot of liaisons and our members in person at the NASN conference in Florida and recognized all the hard work our liaisons were putting in their states to promote NCSN! We are truly grateful for having this network of liaisons and are excited to improve our liaison program. In the coming year, we are hoping to have more regular meetings with our liaisons via biannual town hall meetings! So stay tuned for more information on that! 
Are you an NCSN in one of the following states – Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Wyoming? If you are, consider becoming a state liaison and helping us promote our certificate! Click here to apply!

Jinsun Baek, MSN, PEL-CSN, NCSN and Rebecca “Becca” Harkleroad, RN, NCSN

Outreach Co-Chairs