Although there is no single study guide, the List of Resources included in the NBCSN Handbook for Candidates may be helpful in preparing. Many of those resources are available on the NASN website and through the NASN bookstorePlease note that while there are a number of exam prep materials available both free and for a fee, there is no requirement to use them in order to take the exam.

To guide preparation efforts, please plan to review the test blueprint found in the candidate handbook (link above).

DISCLAIMER: The list below contains study references and materials that NBCSN has either developed or worked in partnership with the vendor to develop. There are a variety of study materials available outside of the list below; however, it should be noted that while a vendor may use the NBCSN name, it does not mean they have any affiliation with NBCSN. No vendor can guarantee that by buying their product you will pass the exam.  

No Cost – Suggested for All:

For Purchase Through NBCSN:

For Purchase:

If you are interested in taking the exam via remote proctor, we recommend you visit the PSI remote proctoring web page.

Additional Information

Successful candidates note that, in addition to reflecting on their own professional practices, they reviewed relevant books and web-based resources, including but not limited to:

Please note that the suggestions above are not exhaustive, and review will not guarantee success for every candidate. NBCSN only publishes the revised certification review book (2020) and two practice tests, and recommends the NurseBuilders programs. NBCSN does not endorse any other specific study guide or program. No study materials can guarantee that you will pass the national NCSN exam.