We are pleased and proud to report that 748 candidates took the National Certification for School Nurses Board Examination in 2020!  To achieve this terrific number during COVID-19 pandemic, NBCSN quickly flexed to offer remote proctoring so that candidates could take the examination in the comfort and safety of their own homes. The NBCSN Class of 2020 is listed at https://www.nbcsn.org/community/list-of-ncsns/ . Please give a shout out to the nurses in your state for this outstanding achievement in our specialty practice.

Have you ever wondered how the certification is developed and by whom? Well, it takes a school nursing village, and you can help! NBCSN partners with a test development company, Prometric, whose psychometricians manage the test platform, the test item statistics, and different forms of the exam.  But the test questions themselves are written, referenced, reviewed, revised, and approved (or not!) by Nationally Certified School Nurse subject matter experts (SMEs).  Our SMEs apply their school nursing experience and expertise to make sure each test question is valid, reliable, and evidence-based.  Volunteering as an SME is a great way to pay it forward to help ensure a quality school nursing workforce through board certification. And BONUS – It’s a fun way to meet new colleagues and friends from around the country and looks very pretty on your resume!  Interested? Please fill out the online form found at https://www.nbcsn.org/community/committees/ Thank you!

Best wishes for health and peace in 2021,

Robin Adair Shannon & Eden Donahue

NBCSN Examination Committee Co-chairs.