The Exam Development Committee is entering a busier season than usual. In a few weeks, our Job Task Analysis (JTA) for 2023 will be underway. A JTA, also called a role delineation study, is conducted to identify the tasks, duties, and responsibilities of school nurses today so that the content and concepts of the NCSN exam reflect modern school nursing practice. Certification bodies generally conduct a JTA every five (5) years.

The last time the NBCSN conducted a JTA, we performed a secondary analysis of the results so that the JTA work could benefit the practice of all school nurses and inform more than only the NCSN exam. Check out the report here. Of note, part of the JTA includes a survey of school nurses across the United States- if you see an email with a survey from us, we would greatly appreciate your participation! After our JTA group gets started, we will be forming a group of item writers to develop new questions for future versions of the exam. 

If you are interested in being an item writer or in exam development, be sure to check out our volunteer sign-up page here for exam-related opportunities as well as other NBCSN volunteer positions. We are always looking for NCSNs to join us in the important work of supporting school communities through certification.

Brenna Morse, PhD, RN, NCSN, CNE

Exam Development Chair