The National Association of School Nurses (NASN) has numerous E-learning courses, most are free for NASN members and nominal cost for non-members (some are free for non-members).

Northeastern University School Health Academy (NEUSHA) has numerous CE available for school nurses. 10 programs for $129 (maximum 25.75 credits) [Average $12.90/program] or available individually. Numerous topics all relevant to school nursing.

Nurse Builders has a new School Nursing E-Course Bundle available now. The Nurse Builders School Nurse CE E-Course Bundle includes e-courses focused on school nursing clinical practice topics (ADHD, mental health in children, transgender youth, etc.) coupled with e-courses focused on nursing professional development topics (e.g. emotional intelligence, communication, etc.)  At present, there are 40 e-courses representing over 35 contact hours.  Most e-courses are 1-hour in length. (The bundle is $79.00 which comes to about $5.25/credit).

The e-courses format is a 50/50 blend of professionally produced on-camera (e.g. speaker, podium, and PowerPoint viewed) and off-camera PowerPoint voiceovers.  This bundle of e-courses continues to grow as new e-courses are produced and added on a regular basis.

Remember, beginning January 1, 2020, each CE program must be worth a minimum of 1 credit hour. 

Explore professional activities that earn recertification credits.

Professional activities such as organization membership, presentations, association leadership, test development, that promote and enhance the professional expertise of the NCSN are accepted toward the required 75 credits.

List of approved NBCSN professional activities List of NBCSN Acceptable Professional Activities