Denial / Revocation of NCSN Credential

Failure to meet the criteria listed above will result in the immediate revocation of the NCSN credential at the anniversary deadline of the certification. Any NCSN who does not meet the continuing education recertification requirements or who fails to recertify by successfully passing the examination will be permitted to apply for the next regularly scheduled examination period. The candidate may NOT use the NCSN credential during the interim, and certification will only be reinstated following the successful completion (passing score) of the examination.


An individual may appeal a failed examination due to technical issues, or a denial of recertification. Appeals related to technical issues incurred during the examination process should be immediately addressed to PSI for investigation of testing center and computer issues. All other appeals or challenges are to be submitted in writing, addressed to the NBCSN President within 30 days of the denial or receipt of the examination results, citing all of the reasons for the appeal or challenge.

The NBCSN President shall issue a decision on the matter in writing within 30 days of the receipt of the appeal or challenge. The individual will then have an additional 30 days to submit a written appeal to the NBCSN Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall issue a written decision within 30 days from the receipt of the appeal. The decision of the NBCSN Board of Directors shall be final.