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We understand those testing in March were addressing evolving situations in their own school districts, as well as working to support their own health and the health of their families. Following daily (sometimes hourly) updates from the CDC and changes to Prometric Testing Center Procedures, the NBCSN progressed from no changes to the scheduled tests to an option to change exam dates, to canceling remaining spring exams. We know that some people had a difficult time contacting Prometric.  We understand the importance of taking this exam to your professional growth and opportunities and feel empathetic to the position everyone is in when attempting to balance concern related to the virus and completing everyday activities. At this time, the exam is still undergoing analysis so that scores may be assigned. We will plan to contact any candidates who did not pass during the spring window personally to discuss next steps.

What can I do while my school is closed?

Stay as safe and connected as you can and focus on activities that support NCSN Recertification!

Upload required supporting documents (CE certificates, RN License, professional activities, etc.)

  • Complete continuing education hours.  
  • Continuing education (in school nursing) is defined as programs beyond basic nursing preparation that are designed to promote and enrich knowledge, improve skills, and develop attitudes for the enhancement of (school) nursing practice.
  • Explore NASN E-learning CNE Courses free for members, nominal fee for non members
  • Free CE from UMass-Lowell online at

School Nurse Appropriate

 North Eastern University School Health Academy (NEUSHA)

10 programs for $129 max 25.75 credits

Why relational connection is so important during the coronavirus pandemic

This was shared by the North Carolina State School Nurse Consultant Ann Nichols.

These slides were shared by Ann M. Connelly of the Ohio Department of Health.

Getting Paid During the Caronavirus Crisis: How a New Law Affects School Employees

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