Promoting NCSN Certification as a Liaison

We are so grateful that you have taken your involvement to the next level and are serving as a State Liaison. At NBCSN, we want to do everything we can to support your efforts to promote the NCSN credential.

One of the most important functions that our Liaisons fulfill is representing NBCSN at state meetings. And we have put together a collection of materials to help you!

Just fill out our Request for Materials form online, and we will send you all the materials you need for your next conference:

  • Certification and Recertification Promotional Flyers
  • NCSN Certified Ribbons
  • NCSN Tabletop display and banner

Vendor Fees and Honorarium

Of course, you won’t be paying out of pocket to promote certification. We will pay up to $150 for the vendor exhibit area fee. And we will pay you a $100 honorarium for sharing your time and expertise.