Fall 2014 Newsletter
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2014 June NBCSN Meeting

Fall Business Meeting
NBCSN held its first annual fall business meeting in Denver, Colorado in October at the office of its management company, the Competency and Credentialing Institute. It was a very productive meeting and an excellent opportunity to meet CCI staff with whom the Board closely collaborates and those who provide customer service for NCSNs, exam candidates, and others interested in certification, and continuing competence for school nurses.

New President-Elect Role
At its annual business meeting on October 24, NBCSN voted to eliminate the office of "vice president" and add the office of "president-elect." The president-elect will serve one year as president-elect and one year as president. The purpose for this change is to provide preparation for the role of president and establish a more balanced assignment of responsibilities between the president and president-elect.

New Board Officers
Also on October 24, 2014, the Board elected the following new officers, effective January 1, 2015: President-Elect Sandi Delack, who will serve one year as President-Elect and a second year as President, and Secretary Cynthia Gilchrest, who will serve a two year term.

Visit the conference site and get ready for the 2015 NASN Conference in Philadelphia.

2020 Eligibility Requiments

NBCSN has changed the 2020 eligibility requirements to sit for the NCSN exam. Read the press release to learn more.

Due April 10, 2015 - NCSN Recognition of the Year

Seeking Nominations for the NCSN Recognition of the Year - Consider nominating a NCSN colleague who exemplifies excellence in their practice of school nursing along with their dedication and promotion of national certification. Nominations are due April 10th. See the NBCSN website for past winners. Download the nomination form.